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One reason that Radogno, Cameli & Hoag, P.C. can do more for less, when compared to other firms, is our cost-conscious approach to office operations:

Our processes are as streamlined as our organizational structure. With only highly experienced lawyers in the firm, we have been able to eliminate activities used by larger firms to train junior associates.

By using non-attorney staff - paralegals, secretaries, and clerical - as much as possible (but always appropriately), we can charge clients significantly less, or nothing at all for some support activities.

State-of-the-art technology, including software specifically designed to improve the efficiency of defense litigation, enables us to be flexible and responsive in meeting clients' needs. This technology is particularly suited for the automated bill review systems that many insurers have instituted in recent years. We also use technology to eliminate non-value-added activities and reduce overhead. These savings are, in turn, passed on to our clients.

Our firm is conveniently located at 105 W. Adams Street, Suite 1430, Chicago, IL 60603

"We're engaged in the pure practice of law. No gimmicks. No nonsense. No egregious billing. We're focused on our work and diligent in our reporting because we truly enjoy being trial lawyers."
- Nunzio Radogno
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105 W. Adams Street, Suite 1430Chicago, IL 60603
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